Alexander Peterhänsel


As part of our studio “Zeitmaschine 2018 – 2038 – 2018: From Liquid to Solid City” we are inviting researchers and planners that stand out due to the interdisciplinary link of their work with contemporary technology and tools. Together with our guests we want to discuss the great acceleration of technological advancements and their impact on society, our built environment and our professions.
We will be happy to welcome Alexander Peterhänsel, artistic researcher in the field of computer-mediated realities and assistant professor at the University of the Arts Berlin.  Alexander is founder of the Audiovisual Architectures Lab, part of the Research Group Convergence between Art, Science and Technology (GIIP) at the UNESP, Sao Paulo and a founding member of the artistic research group for HMI and AI (KairosTheory Trio) at the UdK, Berlin. We are really excited! If you are interested in this talk, please register at and join us at:

June 6th 2018
Einstein Center Digital Future
Wilhelmstraße 67, 10117 Berlin
7:00 pm