Blockchain based Participation Platform


In this interdisciplinary research project two Einstein Center Digital Future professors will jointly develop and research a blockchain based participation platform. Professor Jochen Rabe (Urban Resilience and Digitalisation) and Professor Florian Tschorsch (Distributed Security Infrastructure) will cooperate in a two year research project funded by six municipal housing societies to overcome two of the most pressing issues of participation in urban development. On one hand traditional formats struggle to achieve the necessary inclusivity and hence representativeness and on the other hand they suffer from a level of mistrust in the authority or stakeholder controlling the process. This research project sets out to develop a blockchain based participation platform and the associated digital interfaces. Whilst the decentralised and immutable nature of the blockchain technology allows to exclude monopolistic control over information and processes the associated interface design will seek out opportunities to achieve more representative levels of participation in both quantity and diversity of participants. The research team will test the Be_Be Blockchain in pilot projects with the founders and discuss the project’s potentially significant implications on the relationship of direct and representative democracy in urban development with an interdisciplinary advisory board. 


In Cooperation with:

ECDF DSI – Distributed Security Infrastructures 
Prof. Florian Tschorsch